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One of the great problems that this generation and tomorrow’s young ones have to face is the deterioration of natural habitat and the loss of the benefits it can provide. Why is that? Creation, innovation, and change often can have benefits, but can also have unintentional consequences. While some changes are ok, others are not. The thing is, as people become more adept in using technology and collaborative science, they tend to focus on one sole reason for making improvements – money. When the bottom line is the sole reason for an “improvement”, nature and many other beneficial things quickly...

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Native plants hit on all environmental fronts and they are one of the most inexpensive things you can do today to make a positive change in your own backyard.

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When it comes to planting native seed, most people in Illinois and the Midwest think of spring and summer. This is when the seed of annual vegetables and flowers and grass is planted in gardens, landscape beds and lawns. Native plant seed, however, can be, and in most cases should be, planted in late fall through late winter, a technique called “frost seeding.” Planting at this time of year is typically the best of the year to plant native seed as it mimics and takes advantage of a natural process. If you missed this fall/winter window and you are seeding...

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