Anemone cylindrica (Thimbleweed)

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 This native flower is a very unique bird indeed!!! Anemone cylindrica (Thimbleweed) has bonsai like tufts of leaves out of which spires shoot, topped with a white dancing flower. The "thimble" seed heads (with a very active imagination) turn into cotton ball poofs of seed mid-summer. Have the kids blow these around your yard instead of those yellow lawn plants, you know what I'm talking about. This plant is usually found in drier prairie and savanna communities, but can thrive in most normal native landscapes if given room. 

  • Sun Exposure Prairie/Savanna
  • Soil Conditions Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry
  • Height 2'
  • Flower Color White
  • Flower Time June, July

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    Photo By: Midwest Groundcovers