-Knee High Meadow

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This is our lowest growing native meadow seed mix. Designed for aesthetics and its ecological function, this mix will not disappoint.

This seed mix is comprised of ultra short native wildflowers and grasses that will grow 18 - 36 inches tall and provide nectar and habitat for pollinators, the monarch butterfly, other butterflies and beneficial insects, birds and a diversity of wildlife. The perfect mix for offices, churches and religious institutions, corporate campuses, and homeowners with larger properties that are looking for the shortest native seed mix possible. Perfect for nature centers, parks, and schools to show the public how beautiful native wildflower meadows can be. If you need sightlines for safety near paths or need to keep it "tame looking" near a focal area this is your mix. 

Illinois is home to more than 500 species of native bees— some of our most important pollinators— yet many are at risk of disappearing from our ecosystems. Significant efforts are being made nationally to create habitat for these critical pollinators. In the Chicago and Illinois area, The Conservation Foundation and Natural Communities have joined forces to sell a series of Low-Growing Pollinator Meadow Mixes that offer the great potential to save our pollinators, make our ecosystem more resilient, cleanse our waters, reduce air pollution and lower maintenance time and costs from mowing of turfgrass.

When you replace a significant amount of turfgrass with a diverse planting you’ll not only help your winged and feathered friends, you will join an ever-growing community of individuals, not for profits and businesses who have made a commitment to sustainability. And you’ll help your pocketbook with less mowing of turfgrass, less burning of fossil fuel, and less maintenance cost in fertilizer, pesticides, and irrigation.

*Meadow Mixes are provided in Pure Live Seed for grasses and bulk seed for flowers.

*All mixes may vary in % composition and species composition based upon availability. 

 All seed sales are final and can not be returned because they are custom mixed at the time of purchase. 

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