Betula alleghaniensis (Yelllow Birch)

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This tree is quite attractive with its bark peeling like its cousins BETULA PAPYRIFERA (PAPER BIRCH)  and BETULA NIGRA (RIVER BIRCH) but yellow birch has yellow to bronze bark rather than the paper having white and river having more of a tan peeling bark. Naturally, this tree is quite rare and would be found swamp forests, bogs, and in Lake Michigans dune and swale complexes in the lowlands.  This tree is slow growing and typically lives for 150 years, but can live up to 300 years.

  • Sun Exposure Full Sun-Part Sun
  • Soil Conditions Wet Mesic, Mesic
  • Height 60'-75'
  • Flower Color Green Inconspicuous

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    Photo 1: By Chris M (Yellow Birch) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons