Greeting Card Pack Embedded With Native Pollinator Seed

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Are you looking for the coolest gift?  This is it!!  It is inexpensive, but it is the gift that keeps on giving!!! Give it as a birthday and holiday cards, or wedding and thank you cards. Bonus, your friends, and family receive a pollinator garden on top of a green hand mad gem!

Each exquisite card is hand-crafted by a local husband and wife artistic team. The card paper is 100% post-consumer recycled paper made by Tieri Ton Books and the monarch butterfly stamp on the cover is hand carved by Kiki Prints.  The card is embedded with a terrific native seed surprise for your giftee. Each card set comes with 3 cards and envelopes that are 5.5" x 4.5".

Each native seed garden card is designed to cover the essential species to attract and serve butterflies, birds, bees and all sorts of pollinators by providing plants native to Illinois including important, seed, host and nectar plants. This garden kit can attract species from finches eating the purple coneflower seed to the monarch butterfly on its host plant the milkweed or nectaring on the blazing star.  The seed in each card will cover approximately 5 -10 sq. ft. of a full sun to mostly sun area. 

The best time to plant this card is between November and January with the second best window between February and May.  Prepare the 5 -10 sq. ft. site like you would a vegetable garden, down to bare soil. Then rip up the card into small confetti and spread it evenly around evenly the prepared site and water it in or cover it with snow the first time.  This seems counter-intuitive, but native seed needs a freeze-thaw cycle to wake up in the spring.  Read more about this Cold Moist Stratification.

You will likely see Black-Eyed Susans the first year with the slower growing perennial species to follow in future years. Mowing or hand pulling will be needed to control weeds and to establish your native garden.

*All mixes may vary slightly in % composition and species composition based upon availability