Deluxe Butterfly, Bird, and Bee Garden Seed Packet

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This deluxe seed garden kit is specially designed to attract and serve Monarch Butterflies, native bees, birds like the goldfinch and all sorts of native pollinators. by providing native to the Midwest including the important host, nectar, and seed-bearing plants.  With 34 native species including 4 grass and 2 sedge species and 28 native wildflowers this mix surely aims to please.  Bloom time diversity will ensure you have things blooming in spring, summer, and fall.  The grasses ensure soil organic matter begins to heal, which is critical to ground-nesting insects like native bees. Grass leaves provide a needed food source for skippers, leafhoppers, and grasshoppers and the seed is an important food source for songbirds. 

The Seed packets come in two sizes:

  • The larger packet is recommended to cover approximately 100 sq. ft. and contains approximately 1 oz of bulk native seed.
  • The larger packet is recommended to cover approximately 500 sq. ft. and contains approximately 4.9 oz of bulk native seed.


*All mixes may vary slightly in % composition and species composition based upon availability