Give Back To The Planet

Give Back to the Planet is a new idea in the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday frenzy.

Instead of taking from the planet during the holiday season with the spend, spend, spend – consume, consume, consume mentality, let’s give a little back.

This holiday season your dollar will go a little farther when purchasing your loved ones native plants, native seed or a native gift certificate from Natural Communities Native Plants.  Not the typical discounts, but in terms of a gift for the planet!!!

Not only do you get the green power from native plants, purchases from Natural Communities Native Plants between Black Friday and December 31st will result in a contribution of 5% of sales to the Sierra Club Illinois Chapter. This 5% donation will go towards supporting Sierra Club Illinois Chapter to explore, enjoy, and protect our great Illinois natural resources!!!! And you still get great pricing with the quantity discounts!!!

Installing native plants in your home, work, or your children’s schools can have a huge positive impact on our environment.  Native plants can clean the water we drink and the air we breathe, make our environment more resilient, support a diverse array of wildlife, and mitigate climate change. Native wildflowers are beautiful, low maintenance, and most are perennial so they come back year after year.

Consider purchasing a gift for your loved one from Natural Communities Native Plants this holiday season to support this great Sierra Club Illinois Chapter cause.  Please spread the good word to your family and friends to further the movement.