Asclepias exaltata (Poke Milkweed) Seed

Monarch Butterflies are fully and exclusively dependent upon milkweeds for laying eggs and for larva food source and they can nectar. These plants were once so plentiful they were literally called weeds because they were problematic in agricultural fields. However, that's no longer the case with regular Glyphosate treatments to agricultural fields wiping out all "weeds". With fragmentation, global climate change, pollution, and other threats this is a major problem for Monarch butterflies that heavily depend upon the milkweed and other native plants. Monarch caterpillars need milkweeds, but also nectar sources that many native flowers provide. Help keep these going! Please consider your part in this planet, plant Monarch food sources including milkweed and other native plants. 

This tall woodland plant has interesting flowers to say the least resembling a fireworks explosion.  The only true woodland native milkweed Asclepias exaltata (Poke Milkweed) this is your choice for shady and can work even in dappled lite situations as well.  This is a taller slender milkweed, not as aggressive as the common.  Either, way a great addition in the milkweed line up.


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First Photo By: By Dendroica cerulea [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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