Choose Your Own Native Garden Kit (50 Plants)

Do you want a way to choose your favorite plants and save money?  The answer is here with the Choose Your Own Native Garden Kit !!!  They are perfect for people who know what they want,  desire the additional selection, but in a money saving kit format. These plants are up to 30% off of a standard purchase!! Choose from a large selection of species!!!!! 

Select 10 species (5 plants per species) for a total of 50 plants. The 50 plants will cover approximately 66 sf with plugs spaced 15” apart.   You can stretch the spacing and fill in over time, but maintenance may require more attention in the first few years.  Plants come in a "plug" size, please see the picture for details.    

Check Out Instructions: 

  • Select each of your species below from the 10 drop-down menus (5 plants per species)
  • You can select a species more than once if desired.
  • Add it to you cart, check out and you're finished!

Ready for delivery or pick up approximately in late May or early June as plants become mature. All species may not be available at the time of pick-up/delivery.  If this is the case we can offer species substitutions.

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$ 189.99

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