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A nice lawn can look......... well nice! With its deep greens lush textures, a green carpet can nicely offset an explosion of blooms!  However, those perfect traditional lawns come at an expense to our environment, with use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and water. 

We have developed an alternative to the lawn that uses grass-like native plants called sedges.  None of these sedges will have the exact look of a lawn, but they do look beautiful with their lush green flowing textures and save the earth's resources and ecology.  These sedges do not require pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, and do not require extra watering once established.  Plus they look beautiful and they support local ecology!!!!! If you replace turf with a sedge lawn you double the benefit.

This particular kit has been designed with Carex pensylvanica (Common Oak Sedge) to resemble a more traditional monoculture lawn look in mind, but if left to its own devices it exhibits a lush flowing lawn look. This kit works best in a part sun to a lightly shaded garden area in medium to dry soils. As the sedges form throughout the spring whimsical seed heads will develop on each plant.  Mow the seed heads in the spring for a more manicured look or leave them on for a more naturalized landscape. Allow the seeds to ripen, drop, germinate and grow and for a dense mat of lush sedge meadow glory. This particular kit also spreads slowly through roots and can form a dense mat over time!!

This kits contains a monoculture of Carex pensylvanica (Common Oak Sedge) and comes in two different sizes small and large. We recommend the denser planting of 1 - 1.5' on center however it can be stretched to wider spacing if allowed to fill in over several years growth and seed germination. The wider the spacing the longer the time for the lawn to fully fill in.


  • Sun Exposure Savanna/Woodland
  • Soil Conditions Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry
  • Height 6"-8"
  • Flower Color Green
  • Flower Time April-May

    Small Kit:

    Contains 150 total plugs and covers approximately 225 square feet if planted 1.5' on center.

    150 - Carex pensylvanica (Common Oak Sedge)


    Large Kit:

    Contains 300 plugs and covers approximately 450 square feet if planted 1.5' on center. 

    300 - Carex pensylvanica (Common Oak Sedge)

    For larger areas and wholesale orders email us for a custom quote.

    Ready for delivery or pick up approximately in mid-May or early-June.   

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            • If you can not install your plants immediately
              • Some plants may not be in a container, put them into some kind of a container such as a paper cup with loose soil until installation
              • Make sure each plant is receiving the appropriate amount of light.
              • Continue to water daily each morning and possibly again in the afternoon
              • No additional fertilizer is needed

            Plants Come In Multiple Sizes, Why?  

            Some plants need to mature more prior to planting so they require larger cell sizes.  Other times we provide a multiple range of sizes for consumer selection. The 50, 38, and 32 cell sizes are typically sold only wholesale and are called "Plugs" because they can easily be plugged into the ground. We have decided to sell those to consumers to provide value and so that native landscaping can be affordable.  Many of the larger sizes plant pots such as pint, quart, and #1 pots are necessary for slower developing plants, many times woodland plants or so that customers have immediate gratification from their plantings.  Shrubs and trees are many times sold in #1, 2, 3, 5, & 7 pots & #15 grow bags which are much larger and necessary for the woody material to develop.                                                                                

            Plug Sizes (the 50, 38, and 32 plug sizes)*
              • "50 cell"  each plug is 2” x 5"
              • "38 cell" each plug is  2.25” x 5”
              • "32 cell" each plug is 2.63” x 3.5”
            Other Plant Container Sizes*
              • Pint (1 pint - 4" wide & 3.5" deep)
              • #1 pot (2.55 quarts)
            Shrubs & Trees Contanier Sizes*
              • #1 pot (2.55 quarts)
              • #3 pot (2.9 gallons)
              • # 5 pot (4.2 gallons)
              • #7 pot (7.74 gallons)
              • #15 pot or grow bag

            *all container sizes are approximatations and may not be the exact volume or dimentions.