ūüĒ• Prescribed Fire Season ūüĒ•

ūüĒ• Prescribed Fire Season ūüĒ•

It's ūüĒ• season, time to implement the thousands of years old land management practice. Native Americans implemented this practice to cultivate the land to their liking. Implemented for hunting, vegetation management, food plot cultivation, and more this power tool is continued today for similar reasons. If you see this powerful tool being implemented in your town please applaud your local land management agency for supporting our environment. Did you our local prairies, oak woodlands, and wetlands actually required fire to keep their open nature? ūüĒ• Can now be implemented as part of a program to keep your natural areas healthy, reduce pesticide use, and make your ecosystem more resilient. Fire can be used as weed control, a seeding preparation step, and aid in promoting native plant vigor. If you are a municipality, park district, or land manager and you want to discuss how you can implement this ages old practice as part of your land management program, sign up for a free consultation below.



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