Consultation Services

Hey there!

Are you looking to get started in the world of native ecosystem restoration and need some help?  We are here to help!!!

We can come out to your site to perform an ecological consultation.  We have approximately 20 years of experience in stabilization, restoration, seeding, planting, invasive species control, river and creek restoration, and the list goes on!

The consultation consists of an initial discussion to understand your goals, a site visit, and potentially prioritization and planning.  We can cover many size projects from larger residential properties (~1 acre or larger) up to any size.  Of course, a residential property usually takes only one to two hours while larger projects will take more time and resources.

We do not offer landscaping consultations, more so natural restoration project consultations are more of our specialty. If your needs are to talk with someone at your site to better understand native landscaping, or if you need design services, you may want to consider one of our other resources

Otherwise, we can provide comprehensive, ecological restoration consultation and planing services that are in-depth, but pricing will vary.  Please contact us at

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Topics that can be covered:

  • Site Evaluations
  • Site Preparation
  • Design Ideas (not actual site plans)
  • Native Plant, Shrub, Tree & Seed Recommendations
  • Maintenance
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Woodlands, Wetlands, & Prairies
  • Detention Basins & Best Management Practices
  • Corporate Campus, School, Parks