FAQ Plant Size

Plants Come In Multiple Sizes, Why?  

Some plants need to mature more prior to planting so they require larger cell sizes.  Other times we provide a multiple range of sizes for consumer selection. The 50, 38, and 32 cell sizes are typically sold only wholesale and are called "Plugs" because they can easily be plugged into the ground. We have decided to sell those to consumers to provide value and so that native landscaping can be affordable.  Many of the larger sizes plant pots such as pint, quart, and #1 pots are necessary for slower developing plants, many times woodland plants or so that customers have immediate gratification from their plantings.  Shrubs and trees are many times sold in 1 gallon, , 5 gallon, & 15 gallon which are much larger and necessary for the woody material to develop.


Possible Sizes                                                                                       

Plug Sizes (the 50, 38, and 32 plug sizes are all basically the same size)
    • "50 cell"  each plug is 2” x 5"
    • "38 cell" each plug is  2.25” x 5”
    • "32 cell" each plug is 2.63” x 3.5”

Other Sizes
    • Pint 
    • Quart
    • 2 Quart
    • 1 Gallon
    • Shrubs & Trees
      • 1 Gallon
      • 3 Gallon
      • 5 Gallon
      • 15 Gallon