Collection: Buy Native Seed Mixes for Ecosystem Restoration from Natural Communities

Our Native Seed Mixes Are Designed by Restoration Ecologists to Attract Native Pollinators, Provide Food and Shelter for Wildlife, and Improve Water Quality

Are you looking for smaller native seed mixes? See our native seed packets here

  • Native seed mixes are essential for restoring and maintaining healthy ecosystems. They help to attract native pollinators, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and improve water quality. 
  • Natural Communities offers a wide variety of native seed mixes to suit a variety of needs. We have prairies seed mixes, woodland seed mixes, wetland seed mixes, and more.
  • We can provide custom native seed mixes for wholesale customers, CRP mixes, IDOT, Illinois Tollway mixes, and more.
  • Our seed mixes are carefully selected by restoration ecologists to ensure that they are adapted to the specific climate and conditions of your area.
  • We also offer expert advice on how to plant and care for native seeds.
  • Order your native seed mix today and start restoring your ecosystem!
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If you are interested in learning more about how to implement a native seed project click here for Native Seed Best Management Practices
If you are looking for consultation services to do a site evaluation, restoration prescript and maintained program design, or staff training in any of these fields, we can do that as well.  Consulting Services

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