Support Conservation & Native American Culture with Natural Communities

At Natural Communities, we're passionate about protecting the environment and honoring Native American culture. That's why we donate over 25% of our profits to these important causes. 
Here's how your support makes a difference:
Land Conservation: We partner with and support land trusts to conserve precious natural areas, ensuring their beauty and ecological health for generations to come.
Trickster Cultural Art Center: We support the Trickster Cultural Art CenterTheir mission is to increase the visibility of Native American traditions, Veteran contributions, and contemporary cultural arts, through community engagement, social advocacy, and collaborative education. Indigenous plant knowledge workshops are another way they educate people about the medicinal uses of native plants.
Local Impact: A portion of our profits goes directly back into the communities we serve, supporting local conservation initiatives including education and support.
Ecosystem Restoration: Donate native plants, seeds, and trees to local permanently protected conservation projects.
Join us in safeguarding nature and honoring Native American culture!
Shop with Natural Communities today and make a positive impact.