Our Empowerment Strategy Involves Four Key Approaches:

  1. Supplying our partners with the essential building blocks of ecosystems: native seed, native plants, and native trees & shrubs.
  2. Providing partners with expert guidance on ecosystem restoration.
  3. Build lasting partnerships with our customers to address the intricate challenges of our ecosystems
  4. We have a deep commitment to the environment, we donate 25% of profits to conservation efforts.

Wholesale Customers

Leading Supplier Of Wholesale Native Plant Materials

Largest selection of wholesale native plants, seeds, and trees. Also, take advantage of our extensive collaboration throughout the entire journey, spanning from initial design to final implementation and continuous maintenance.

Please send wholesale quote requests to: Wholesale@NaturalCommunities.net

Flywheel Ecology - Ecological Restoration Consulting

Are you frustrated with slow or no progress on you ecological restoration projects? Do you feel like you just can't win against invasive species? Do you feel like you are using way too much herbicide?

My name is Nick Fuller, I Am the Chief Ecologic Officer here at Natural Communities and I know how you feel. I am a restoration ecologist myself, and I felt the same way for many years. I was struggling to find a way to effectively control invasive species without resorting to mass amounts of herbicides year after year. That's why I developed Flywheel Ecology. Flywheel Ecology is a new framework for ecological restoration that leverages the power of native plants and resilient ecosystems.

Flywheel Ecology will help you build a resilient ecosystem that is resistant to invasive species.

We will use our 4-step framework to select the right native plants for your site and develop a maintenance strategy that will keep your ecosystem healthy and thriving. Flywheel Ecology can save you time, frustration, and money. Spend less time fighting invasive species, Reduce your reliance on herbicides, Enjoy a healthier, more resilient ecosystem, Free your time to tackle more ecological restoration projects.

Retail Customers

Find our huge selection of retail offerings below

  • Buy Native Plants

    We have an amazing selection of single species plug flats and dormant bare root plants available at incredibly discounted prices. For our retail customers, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss!

    Click Here - Retail Native Plants 
  • Native Garden Kits

    Shop for Predesigned or Customize Your Own Native Garden Kits

    Click Here - Native Garden Kits 
  • Buy Native Seed Mixes

    We offer ecologist-designed seed mixes for various community types on larger properties. Our team prioritizes cost-effectiveness while ensuring the habitat value of these mixes.

    Click Here - Retail Native Seed Mixes 
  • Native Seed Packets

    Embark on an inspiring urban restoration journey with our 1,000 sq.ft. native seed mixes for yards - a perfect fusion of species that will bring both beauty and wildlife to life!

    Click Here - Native Seed Packets 

Ask An Ecological Restoration Question

Have a "burning" question about ecological restoration for our Chief Ecological Officer, Nick Fuller? How does something work? How to get the most out of your ecosystem with Flywheel Ecology? How to control invasive species with less herbicide? How can I use native plants to combat invasive specie? Controlled burning? Any ecological restoration question.

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