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"I have ordered plants for 20 years and my first order contained the healthiest plants I have ever seen" -- 5 Stars

John E.

"Just ordered a number of native plants. No one else had them all! Great prices too!"-- 5 Stars

Sybille S.

"...I could not be happier with the customer service. Whether, I need a custom order or scheduling a local pick up, Natural Communities go out of their way to serve my gardening needs. I highly recommend to any anyone that is looking for native plants! "-- 5 Stars

Emilia C.

"I ordered plants last year and all were healthy and in great shape. They've all come back this year and look great. The plants are priced well, there is a large selection, and the ordering process is very simple. Just put in a new order for this year!"-- 5 Stars

Jennifer M.

"We ordered a few oak trees, and were pleased to see that they were very healthy specimens. I had a few questions about the plants before ordering, and received helpful and honest replies from the owner. Pickup is easy. A great local source for native plants!" -- 5 Stars

Stacey G.

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