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At Natural Communities, LLC, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations of land managers and ecological restoration. That's why we offer a powerful combination of expert knowledge and tools to empower you to excel in large-scale natural area restoration projects.

Knowledge: Our deep understanding and experience in ecological restoration equips you to achieve ambitious goals and become a leader in creating thriving natural areas.

Tools: We provide a vast diversity of local and regional genotype native seed, plants, shrubs and trees.

Your Long-Term Partner: We're here for your ecological journey, from initial planning to long-term success. Our unwavering support extends well beyond year one, ensuring your project flourishes for years to come.

Our Customers: We serve wholesale customers, large private land owners, and retail homeowners as well

Wholesale Customers

We cultivate strong partnerships with a diverse range of wholesale
customers, including land trusts, municipalities, large scale land owners, rights of way owners, park districts, forest preserves, not-for-profits, colleges and corporate campuses, and contractors

Retail Customers

Plant big and save big! We offer a wide variety of seed packets, native garden kits, native plants, and bare root plants all in bulk quantities, perfect for homeowners who love to get their hands dirty to save the environment.

  • Buy Native Plants

    We have an amazing selection of single species plug flats and dormant bare root plants available at incredibly discounted prices. For our retail customers, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss!

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  • Native Garden Kits

    Shop for Predesigned or Customize Your Own Native Garden Kits

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  • Buy Native Seed Mixes

    We offer ecologist-designed seed mixes for various community types on larger properties. Our team prioritizes cost-effectiveness while ensuring the habitat value of these mixes.

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  • Native Seed Packets

    Embark on an inspiring urban restoration journey with our 1,000 sq.ft. native seed mixes for yards - a perfect fusion of species that will bring both beauty and wildlife to life!

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Principal Ecological Officer & Fly-Wheel Architect

Nick Fuller's 20+ year career has placed him at the forefront of large-scale ecological restoration. His experience overseeing multi-million dollar projects encompassing tens of thousands of acres annually positions him among a distinguished group of professionals tackling this ambitious scale of restoration efforts. His diverse background spans a wide range of ecological restoration projects, from rivers and wetlands to prairies and endangered species habitats.

Championing Fly-Wheel-Ecology:

Nick's passion for nature is evident in his leadership for Fly-Wheel-Ecology, a groundbreaking approach he spearheaded. He leverages his network of ecology experts, constantly refining his knowledge base by integrating the best available information. This innovative method goes beyond traditional pest management, fostering resilient ecosystems through strategic planning, native plant selection, and long-term management.

Beyond Restoration, Sustainability:

Nick's commitment extends beyond ecological restoration. He drives Natural Communities' dedication to environmental sustainability by advocating for conservation and donating a significant portion (25% in 2022 & 2023) of profits to these causes, including supporting Indigenous peoples.

Your Partner in Success:

Nick's expertise and passion make him a valuable partner. He actively shares his knowledge through consultations and presentations, empowering wholesale partners with the tools and guidance needed to implement Fly-Wheel-Ecology effectively and achieve lasting ecological success.

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