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    We offer the largest wholesale native plant, seed, and tree selection. Plus, we are ecological restoration project management experts at your service. We are happy to help optimize a mix of native plant materials that will save you substantial time & money, all you have to do is ask.

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    For our retail customers, we offer single species plug flats or dormant bare root plants, both at substantial bulk discount prices. We also offer native garden kits. Too many plants for you? Split them with a friend and still save $$$$

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    Buy Predesigned or Choose Your Own Native Garden Kits

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    For our retail customers we offer a diverse selection of ecologist designed seed mixes for a variety of community types. We have put a lot of thought into the habitat value these mixes provide yet keeping costs as low as possible.

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Are you a native plant nut? If you are looking at this sticker, I think you are and I congratulate you!!

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Ask An Ecological Restoration Question

Have a "burning" question about ecological restoration for our Chief Ecological Officer, Nick Fuller? How does something work? How to get the most out of your ecosystem with Flywheel Ecology? How to control invasive species with less herbicide? How can I use native plants to combat invasive specie? Controlled burning? Any ecological restoration question.

Harness The Power of Nature

Flywheel Ecology - Ecological Restoration Consulting

Why Us? We Have So Much Knowledge To Share, All You Have To Do Is Ask.

We have decades of experience working on some of the largest and most complex ecosystem restoration projects in the Midwest, from rare and endangered ecosystems, river and stream restorations, wetland mitigation, to natural areas master planning. Along our journey, we have worked with some of the most prolific masters in the field and learned so much along the way. We have distilled this collective wealth of knowledge into a proven 4 step framework called Flywheel Ecology so that now you too can stand on the shoulders of giants. Let us share this wealth of knowledge so that you can avoid mistakes, frustration, and save massive amounts of money and time.

I promise you that you will receive unmatched value and service from the first moments of our conversation, there is nothing else like us.

If you are a wholesale customer or a large land manager this service is for you.

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We are passionate about rebuilding healthy landscapes and we can be your guide through the oftentimes confusing and frustrating process of ecological restoration. Through long term partnerships we empower our wholesale customers to surpass their goals, together we bring nature to life. From solar vegetation management (utility & community), natural areas management, and green infrastructure, we are here to help. That is why we offer this free introductory phone consultation, putting your best foot forward on a path to success.

If you are a wholesale customer or a large land manager this free service is for you.

Flywheel Ecology - Our 4 Step Framework To Build Resilient Ecosystems

Flywheel Ecology is a comprehensive consulting service that will save you significant time and money in your restoration journey. Plus, you will reduce herbicide use and make your ecosystems healthier and more resilient. Flywheel Ecology can be implemented on a project-by project basis, at the master planning level, or even staff training so they can bring nature to life with ease. Typical customers are park districts, cities, land management agencies, contractors, CRP farmers, anyone that manages large natural areas.

Just email us and we are happy to customize this service to meet your needs. Email us

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