Solar Seed Mixes

Solar Seed Mixes

We need giant leaps forward in ecosystem stability, carbon storage, energy production, and energy reduction. It's not either or, it's both and......... 

 That is why we have made a major commitment to patterning with solar energy producers to create functional and pollinator friendly places.  

Solar and wind are quickly becoming major energy production options, but just imagine if we can pair green energy production with ecosystem restoration. Community solar and utility solar can be planted with native seed mixes to make the best of energy production and habitat stability and carbon storage. And they are low maintenance!
We specialize in functional solar array ecosystems. We have predesigned solar array seed mixes that can be found here. We can also custom designed solar seed mixes to meet operational needs with forethought for maintenance needs. We are here to help you save time and money while you are pumping out that much needed green energy. Sign up for a free consultation so we can partner for a greener future.
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