---Native Plant Garden Kits

Are you looking for a wildflower garden or a native plant kit? These are predesigned native garden kits designed for aesthetics, ecological function, and to save you money.  All come in plug sizes in quantity of 20 in the mini kit or 50 in the full kit.  Happy Planting!!!!

Monarch Meadow, Sormwarer Scrubber, and Woodland Wildflower Kits are batch shipped at only three seasons each year 1) spring, 2) summer, and 3) fall.  When you place a kit order, it will only be shipped in one of those three shipments based on your order date.  It will be shipped at the closest shipment batch following your order date.  See below for shipping details:

  1. Spring Kit Batch - Order by May 10, 2021 (All kits ship approximately May 17th)
  2. Summer Kit Batch - Order by June 6, 2021 (all kits ship approximately June 14th)
  3. Fall Kit Batch - Order by Sept 5, 2021 (all kits ship approximately September 13th)