Buy Native Plants

At Natural Communities, you can buy native plants, and choose from one of the largest selections in the Midwest. We offer most plants in single species plug flats at bulk discount prices. Most folks think that they do not need bulk native plants, but I can tell you that the professional designers in the industry beg to differ. When you plant native plants, grouping and scale are of great importance, both from a design impact perspective, but also for ecological benefits as well. If it is sill too many for you, save money by buying native plants in bulk and split them with a friend or neighbor.

Go To The Retail Native Plant Store

For our retail customers, you can buy native plants in these plug flat sizes when available and depending upon species:

  • 32 plug flat - a flat with 32 plugs of the same species
  • 38 plug flat - a flat with 38 plugs of the same species
  • 50 plug flat - a flat with 50 plugs of the same species
  • 25 bare root pack - a flat with 25 bare roots of the same species
  • 50 bare root pack - a flat with 50 bare roots of the same species


Native Plant Sizes

Go To The Wholesale Native Plant Store

 Wholesale customers can choose from the above sizes, but also with local pick up or truck delivery can also choose from pints and #1 size native plant sizes.