Integrated pest management is about least impacts. Integrated pest management thoughts and actions are driven by removing pests, it is a pest-first mindset. Integrated pest management is flat and one-dimensional approach.

Fly-Wheel-Ecology is a wholly new ecological restoration framework. Fly-Wheel-Ecology™ is “most benefits” not least impacts. Fly-Wheel-Ecology™ thoughts and actions are led by building resilient ecosystems not by killing pests, a whole new mindset. Fly-Wheel-Ecology is three-dimensional in its approach to building resilient ecosystems.

Can you see the difference? Least impacts are still negative impacts. Fly-Wheel-Ecology is dramatically improving the situation. When you shift your mind from least impacts to most benefits, you'll approach the whole world with a whole new lens.

You do not lead your thoughts with killing invasive species. You lead your thoughts & your actions with bringing nature to life. You do this by utilizing the power of native plants, the power of nature.

Therefore, we call Fly-Wheel-Ecology practitioners “Native Plant Nuts” for good reason. We are passionate about building resilient ecosystems using native plants.

Integrated Pest Management Fly-Wheel-Ecology
pest first mindset building resilient ecosystems first mindset
least impacts most benefits
one dimensional  three dimensional
killing pest restoring nature


Leveraging knowledge and native plants to restore ecosystems. This approach allows for so many benefits including money savings, time savings, reductions in herbicide/pesticide use, and most importantly resilient and functional ecosystems. We are experts in it, we actually developed this system from over 20 years, from many varying restoration projects with vetted and input from many industry experts, both private and commercial sectors. Distilling the best restoration ecology techniques down into Fly-Wheel-Ecology.

The Fly-Wheel-Ecology system has 4 main components that when implemented, will build momentum in your flywheel. Turn upon turn of the flywheel you build momentum until it has so much built energy your ecosystem is unstoppable. 

Our mission is to restore thriving ecosystems. We want our wholesale partners to be 100% successful in that mission so we offer phone Fly-Wheel-Ecology consultations for free to our wholesale partners.

Schedule a free phone consultation so that we can get mother nature working for you!

You can also watch a presentation Nick Fuller, our Chief Ecological Officer, made on the subject by clicking here.

Fly-Wheel Spoke 1- Investigation, Planning & Prevention

Fly-Wheel Spoke 2- Plant, Seed, Shrub, and Tree Selection

Fly-Wheel Spoke 3- Establishment and Management

Fly-Wheel Spoke 4- Monitoring

Pesticide/herbicide reduction in combination with Fly-Wheel-Ecology™


We have partnered with the IPM Institute of North America, a non-profit formed to focus on improving sustainability in communities. Through their Lawn + Land Forum we developed a program for natural areas to aid in management. Click here to see the resources the team developed.