Natural Weed-Killers

We have found a product that may be of interest to those who want the ease of killing weeds rather than backbreaking means and want to do it with a natural product rather than those synthetic chemicals.  

Phydura Natural Weed-Killer Spray

This product could be used to prepare seed and plant beds for planting.  It could also be used to kill weeds in existing plantings.  It will likely take multiple applications as it may only top kill the plant. Remember, it will injure any plant it touches, not just "weeds".

From their website: "Phydura is a natural weed-killer made with safe and organic ingredients. This OMRI listed broad-spectrum contact herbicide utilizes clove oil and other biodegradable ingredients. Phydura is a non-selective weed spray that is exempt from EPA registration and has no re-entry interval. Weeds controlled include both grasses and broadleaf weeds in landscape, nursery, greenhouse, horticultural, and garden settings. Phydura is a minimum-risk product that can be used at schools, parks, and playgrounds. Safe for people, pets, and wildlife."