What To Do When Your Order Arrives


        What to Expect When Receiving Your Delivery

        • Your plants/seed will be packaged with the utmost care
        • We may need to cut back certain plants prior to shipping. This seems counter-intuitive, however, the fewer leaves the less water the plants can lose during shipping, resulting in healthier plants for you. This also enables the plants to fit within the protective packaging and shipped safely.



          • Larger plant shipments will look similar to the picture below with a tray of your plants and a cardboard box to protect them during shipping.
          • Certain plug flats and pints will be packed in Excelsior (wood shavings) to protect them in shipping.  You can reuse this as temporary mulch if desired.
          • Seed will arrive in plastic bags



          What to Do With Your Order After  Receiving Your Delivery

          • Unpack your order IMMEDIATELY
          • Inspect for damage and report any issues immediately to CustomerService@NaturalCommunities.net
          • Seed
            • Store in a cool dry space until ready for use
            • A refrigerator can be used
          • Plants
            • Water your plants immediately
            • Install your plants as quickly as possible and water the entire garden area thoroughly
            • You may want to consider using hardwood mulch for the first year or two for weed suppression
            • No fertilizer is necessary and we do not recommend it
            • If you cannot install your plants immediately
              • Some plants may not be in a container, put them into some kind of a container such as a bucket with loose soil until installation
              • Make sure each plant is receiving the appropriate amount of light.
              • Monitor daily to make sure soil is moist, not saturated
              • Continue to water as needed based on soil moisture
              • No additional fertilizer is needed
          How to install native plugs