Why Do You Need Native Plants In Your Yard?

When native plants are combined into a natural community they perform beneficial services for humans called ecosystem services.  The products necessary to human life that native ecosystems provide are clean water, clean air, sequestering carbon, regulating climate change, etc.  These ecosystem services have a major economic impact on global commerce and health impacts on humans.  

When these native plants are removed the beneficial products and services are also removed. Unintentionally and unknowingly, we humans systematically removed these native community resources through the plowing of the prairie, harvesting of our oaks, polluting our waters and air through industry and commerce. 
We shot ourselves in the foot and continue to do so by getting immediate economic gains while placing the ecological debt on our children’s children.  These losses of natural communities still remain; just take a look around where you currently sit.  Do you see any native plants around you?  Excellent if you said yes!  However, more than likely the answer is no.
What Are Native Plants?

Natural Communities wants to educate the public to the vast human benefits of native gardens in their yards and enable them to begin to restore those ecosystem services one plant at a time bringing our communities back to healthy natural communities. Bring nature back to your community.