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  • Allium tricoccum (Wild Leek/Ramps)  Natural Communities LLC
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Allium tricoccum (Wild Leek/Ramps)

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Allium tricoccum (Wild Leek / Ramps) is a species that occasionally is in northern and central Illinois woodlands, and more common in the Indiana and Michigan woodlands. It is a bit unusual in that it shoots out its leaves in early spring, the leaves wither away in late spring, then the flowers, seemingly magic, pop from the earth with no leaves.  It is similar in habitat to surprise lilies.  The foliage and the flowers are quite attractive so it performs well in native landscaping once established.

Although Allium tricoccum (Wild Leek / Ramps) may take some time to develop from seed (minimum several years), once you have your own adult plant producing its own seeds you can have your very own Ramp Factory! Both the leaves and the root are known to be edible, but the leaves can be harvested more sustainably.  Once the roots have been dug the plant is dead and since they do not grow fast you can quickly exhaust your supply.  

Please do not wild harvest these plants in the Chicago area, it IS NOT SUSTAINABLE!!!  You will cause this species to become locally extinct and in most cases, it is not legal from preserves.  Recent wild harvest pressure has really put this plant in peril in the Chicago area so please grow your own ramps and it will taste that much better!!!

  • Sun Exposure: shade, part shade
  • Soil Conditions Wet Mesic, Mesic, Dry-Mesic
  • Height 6"-10"
  • Flower Color White
  • Flower Time May, June, July

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