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  • Asarum canadense (Wild Ginger)  Natural Communities LLC
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Asarum canadense (Wild Ginger)

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Probably the single best native groundcover for shady areas. Asarum canadense (Wild Ginger) is a plant that will be a conversation starter.  Take a moment and smell the flowers, well the plant in this case.  Its ginger-like smell can be delightful when crushed, don't be selfish, let your friends enjoy too.  The leaves resemble hearts and given time can cover the ground once established. Get rid of that awful Periwinkle (yea I'm working on it too) and plant this beauty!  This plant is quite shade tolerant and performs well in many soil types.  

  • Sun Exposure Savanna/Woodland
  • Soil Conditions Wet Mesic, Mesic, Dry-Mesic
  • Height 6"-1'
  • Flower Color Green/Red
  • Flower Time April-June

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