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Carex pensylvanica (Common Oak Sedge or Pennsylvania sedge)

Carex pensylvanica (Common Oak Sedge or Pennsylvania sedge)

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Do you know how important Carex pensylvanica is to our woodlands? Carex pensylvanica (Oak Sedge or Pennsylvania sedge) is quite possibly the second keystone species next to oaks in the oak woodlands.

Carex pensylvanica deposit mass amounts of organic material in the savanna and woodland ecosystem soils, this spongy organic material hold mass amounts of moisture, water has the highest specific heat of any liquid so it keeps those ground temps very even keel, those even temps and moisture are needed to grow beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, that perfect soil climate and also grows ant larvae. Ants are major players in woodland flower pollination and seed dispersal. Woodland flowers rely on this pollination and dispersal, woodland ecosystems rely on wildflowers, wildflowers rely on oaks providing shelter and shade, oak woodlands rely on ants, ants rely on Carex pensylvanica, Carex penslyvanica rely on oak woodlands, mycorrhizal fungi connect the whole system through intracate networks of nutrient flow, oak woodlands support the planet, humans rely on the planet as our home 😁

The benefits are not lost in landscaping, Carex pensylvanica (Common Oak Sedge) is one of our favorite native sedge for forming ground covers in part shade situations. Planted densely it can form swirling dense mats of lush grass foliage, which looks good enough to sleep on. Use this native sedge between pavers to great effect or in clumps in dappled light in woodland gardens.

  • Sun Exposure Savanna/Woodland
  • Soil Conditions Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry
  • Height 6"-8"
  • Flower Color Green
  • Flower Time April-May
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    • hello sir, i am nursery from Belgium, Europe. Do you ship also here to Belgium? We are interrested in carex pensylvatica and other varieties. I want to pay for the shipment also, thank you, grts bart

      Hello!  I am sorry we only ship within a certain region within the United States.  I'm sorry we couldn't help.

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              • Continue to water daily each morning and possibly again in the afternoon
              • No additional fertilizer is needed
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            Carex pensylvanica in great shape

            I finally got my 50 carex plants in my side yard. All were in great shape - with just the right enough root growth to easily pull out of the plug tray not too root bound. Only one plant was on the tiny side.

            Deleted user


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            • hello sir, i am nursery from Belgium, Europe. Do you ship also here to Belgium? We are interrested in carex pensylvatica and other varieties. I want to pay for the shipment also, thank you, grts bart

              Hello!  I am sorry we only ship within a certain region within the United States.  I'm sorry we couldn't help.