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  • Castilleja coccinea (Indian Paintbrush)  Natural Communities LLC
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Castilleja coccinea (Indian Paintbrush)

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Castilleja coccinea (Indian Paintbrush) is a hemiparasitic plant, which means it can both parasitize (steal) energy from roots of neighboring plants and makes its own energy through chlorophyll. Not only is it cool, it is beautiful with its yellow to red/orange flowers.  

This plant is a rare plant that many native plant nerds would love to have in their garden.  However, it can be very tough to grow because it needs very specific conditions and only tends to live for a few years at the most, it is likely an annual or biennial.

  • Sun Exposure: Sun, Part Sun
  • Soil Conditions: Wet mesic, Mesic, Dry-Mesic
  • Height 1' to 2'
  • Flower Color yellow or orange/red
  • Flower Time May, June

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