Crataegus mollis (Downy Hawthorn)

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Downy Hawthorn is a small single or multi-stemmed tree that can grow to be about 25-30' tall.  Common in natural areas particularly areas that were grazed or a woody pioneer in disturbed areas.  Crataegus mollis (Downy Hawthorn) produces fruit which is valuable for songbirds and mammals. Container grown specimen can be on the smaller side, for example, a #7 pot may be only 3' in height.
This tree can be quite a cool little tree with its unique bonsai shape, but because cause it is susceptible to several foliar diseases, including cedar-hawthorn rust, scab, and leaf blight the leaves often fall off by the end of summer with premature leaf-drop and look dead.
  • Sun Exposure Prairie/Savanna
  • Soil Conditions Wet-Mesic, Mesic
  • Height 25'-30'
  • Flower Color White
  • Flower Time May, June

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