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  • Fragaria virginiana (Wild Strawberry)  Natural Communities LLC
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Fragaria virginiana (Wild Strawberry)

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Wild Strawberry can be a naturalistic groundcover in almost situation. Its low-growing trifoliate leaves spread by runners. Pretty white flowers appear in April followed by small, delicious edible red fruits. This plant is exceptionally valuable to wildlife as innumerable insects pollinate it, many moths and skippers use it as a larval host and all types of mammals eat the foliage and fruit. It may go dormant in an exceptionally dry summer, but otherwise, the foliage will turn a deep rich red in autumn. 

  • Sun Exposure Prairie/Savanna/Woodland
  • Soil Conditions Wet Mesic-Dry Mesic
  • Height 6"-1'
  • Flower Color White
  • Flower Time April-June

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