Iris cristata (Dwarf Crested Iris)

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Dwarf Crested Iris can be an excellent groundcover that produces an exquisite violet carpet of blooms in the spring!!!! It attracts a wide variety of pollinators including hummingbirds!!! 

Iris cristata (Dwarf Crested Iris) is native from the Ohio River valley into the southeastern states with several disjunct populations in the central Mississippi river valley in west-central Illinois and eastern Iowa and a population in northeastern Ohio. 

This low-growing, rapidly spreading plant; grows to 6-8 tall. Pale blue, lilac or lavender, with gold crests on the falls borne on very short stems, often appearing nearly stemless. Narrow, sword-shaped, yellowish-green to medium green leaves (to 6 long) arise from a network of branching rhizomes. Its preferred growing conditions are partial shade with moist, but not wet soil conditions.  Wet soil conditions are not optimal and can cause root rot.

  • Sun Exposure Savanna/Woodland
  • Soil Conditions Mesic
  • Height 6"- 8"
  • Flower Color Purple
  • Flower Time April
  • Hardiness Zone: 3 TO 9

  • Origin greater midwest


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