Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar)

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Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar), although called a Cedar is actually a Juniper.  They can lend interest and a delicate texture to any landscape. Plus as they age they take on a weathered, distinguished, almost bonsai look to them.  The berries are an important food source for many songbirds because they are high in calorie content.  Eastern Red Cedar can be used as a screen in many applications because of their dense year-round foliage, however, if you're really looking for the best native screen, take a look at the White Cedar.  Eastern Red Cedar can be very long-lived up to three hundred years so this is an investment that keeps on giving. Certainly, a distinctive tree, particularly as they age.

  • Sun Exposure Prairie/Savanna
  • Soil Conditions Mesic, Dry-Mesic
  • Height 30'-80'


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    Photo 1: By Keith Kanoti, Maine Forest Service, USA [CC BY 3.0 us (], via Wikimedia Commons