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  • Pontederia cordata (Pickeral Weed)  Natural Communities LLC
  • Pontederia cordata (Pickeral Weed)  Natural Communities LLC
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Pontederia cordata (Pickeral Weed)

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One of the most beautiful plants of our local wetlands with it's heart-shaped leaves and deep violet flowers. Quite unique blooms dance in succession from the bottom up over the water in mid-summer.  Pontederia cordata is found typically in shallow emergent wetlands and quiet backwater areas along streams and rivers. It prefers to grow in saturated mucky organic-rich soils that stay inundated or moist all of the year. Given time, this beautiful plant can fill in large areas by spreading though tubers to cover shallow wetlands.

We have read that the seeds can be eaten like nuts and the young leaf-stalks cooked as greens or raw as salad greens.

  • Sun Exposure Prairie/Savanna
  • Soil Conditions Wet
  • Height 2'
  • Flower Time June, July, August

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