'-Wet Prairie Native Seed Mix

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This mix is designed specifically for the wet prairie zone of a natural area, that halfway transition between wet and normal soil wetness. This mix is better applied in larger transitional areas with relatively steady water tables that tend to be squishy in the spring and tend to slightly dry out mid-summer then wet again in the fall. A lot of diversity can be found within these wet prairie transitional areas, which is why we jammed 38 species into this precise zone. When trying to maximize diversity, compete against invasive species like reed canary, and meet regulatory performance standards it is worth the investment in a well-designed, diverse mix with higher seed counts to meet your goals.

You may notice some similar species in the Detention Basin, Raingarden, and Bioswale Native Seed Mix, however, it is designed to cover stormwater pulses from urban and suburban runoff that can be fully submerged then drained to be back to bone dry again within a 24 to 72-hour period. This wet prairie mix, on the other hand, is specifically drilled into that sweet spot just between wetland and upland that typically receives a more consistent hydrology lacking stormwater bounces.

With the diversity this mix provides, it attracts pollinators, such as butterflies including monarch, hummingbirds, and much more wildlife species. It also provides habitat for marsh and shorebirds and many more wetland wildlife species.

This mix is composed of 65% of sedge, grass, and rush species by seed count to compete against reed canary and other wet prairie invasive species, yet has a nice diversity of native wildflower species.

*This seed mix includes 38 species including 6 native grasses, 8 sedge and rush species, and 24 native flowers.

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Use this as your base and add diversity by supplementing with plants.

 *Provided as Pure Live Seed

*All mixes may vary in % composition and species composition based upon availability. 

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