Shorter Stature Prairie Seed Mix

A diverse short statured native prairie grass and wildflower mix featuring a broad palette of colorful species and flowering time. Most of the species will grow to four feet or less, making this an ideal mix for areas where taller forbs and grasses are not appropriate. Once established, this wildflower community will display a variety of colors, booming from early spring to fall, creating a diverse habitat for birds, butterflies, moths and other pollinators.The large open spaces and sorter stature prairie is needed for the imperiled grassland birds.  This mix when implemented correctly on larger parcels provided that exact habitat.

This seed mix includes at least 5 of 6 native permanent grass and sedge species and 29 of 34 native forb species. The native seed This seed mix includes at least 6 of 7 native permanent grass and sedge species and 20 of 25 native wildflower species. 

Use this as your base and add diversity in future years by adding species through seed or plugs.

*Provided as Pure Live Seed

*All mixes may vary slightly in % composition and species composition based upon availability

$ 599.95

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