'-Emergent Wetland Native Seed Mix

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The Emergent Wetland Mix is designed to be planted along the edge of standing water and where standing water remains most of the year, but can occasionally be a mudflat.  The mix is specifically designed to contain balanced amounts of species that will thrive in the emergent zone as well as saturated soils. Species may begin to populate in up to 6 inches of water once they are established. Emergent wetlands are typically not as diverse as other community types, but the plants that do grow there need to thrive. This mix is the perfect balance of just enough diversity and ecologist selected species and amounts to thrive in touch wet conditions.   

Plus this mix attracts shorebirds, pollinators, such as butterflies including the monarch, hummingbirds, and many more wildlife species. 

This mix is designed to contain 68% sedge, grass, and rush species and 32% forb species by seed count to thrive in wetland soils!!!!

*This seed mix includes 27 species including 4 native grasses, 11 sedge and rush species, and 12 native flowers.

Click here for species list and mix specifications. 


Use this as your base and add diversity by supplementing with plants.

 *Provided as Pure Live Seed

*All mixes may vary in % composition and species composition based upon availability. 

All seed sales are final and can not be returned because they are custom mixed at the time of purchase.